Would you download an exe from this site?

|3 min

Hands up how many people would download an unexpected exe from some site they'd just found on google? A site with no content except for four exe files?. Not many I'd bet, well, not many sensible ones at least. So what made the people at this site think this was a good way to provide everyone with access to their product catalogues?

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Dissertation Desperation: Poetic Ramblings

|1 min

Back in 2001, there were several procrastinating students working on our BCom Honours dissertations. To relieve some of our tension, we began to send each other emails with snippets of poetry about the dissertation writing process. Between myself, Geoff and Smrithi (aka Smooch), we ended up with 38 separate poems, mostly single-verse limericks, but some longer and other formats.

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Blogging about blogging about blogging

|2 min

I have been known to be critical of people who put up a blog that spews forth all the mundane details of their inane lives. I mean, who cares? One of my friends pointed out that most people who have a blog actually have so little of interest to write about that they just write about writing in their blog, or writing about other people writing in their blog. I guess they think that it's delightfully meta, whereas it really seems to be more like some kind of mental masturbation.

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