White is the new black

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Wood is beautiful. I love natural timber and I want to have some around me. My favourite furniture items are a rimu coffee table and a rimu bookshelf. But, I do think that natural timber is something that should be enjoyed in moderation.

As a child, our neighbours built a house that was entirely exposed timber on the inside. Polished particleboard floors and polished wood panels on the walls and ceiling. Even as a child I didn't like it. It was too much. It was too dark. It was too overpowering. It made the rooms seem much smaller than they really were, and that's definitely something I don't want to happen in my tiny house.

It is certainly charming, I can't deny that when I look at photos of tiny houses like this one below, they are gorgeous. But I personally would just find it too much being surrounded by all that timber.

Beautiful .. but the timber is too much for me Beautiful .. but the timber is too much for me chrisandmalissa.com

If you want a space to feel bigger, paint it white. If you want it to feel smaller, paint it a dark colour. Although my house will be smaller than most people's living rooms, I want it to feel large and open, not cramped and awkward. So I knew immediately that I wanted to paint it white. This picture has a lovely balance of clean white and timber and neutral colours:

colour-white Just perfect! meddiodesign.com

This is how I'd love my house to look.