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The Holy Quran – Chapters 1 & 2

|3 min

I’ve started listening to the Quran. Quran means recitation and was originally transmitted orally until it was written down after the death of Muhammad, so it is apparently better to hear it than to read it. Muslims believe that the Quran was dictated to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel and was then memorized and recited to others. Of course, Muslims believe it can only be properly appreciated in Arabic, so listening to it in English is not really the same, but hopefully I can understand the general meaning.

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The Holy Quran–Chapter 3 (The Family of Imran)

|5 min

This is also quite a long one. The first verse is “Alim. Lam. Mim”, which are basically 3 arabic letters. This seems to be quite a common pattern for the first verse, however, nobody actually knows what they mean.

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