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Procrastination Guide

|1 min

I know you are all in awe of my mad procrastination skillz (go on, admit it!). Well, now you too can learn this amazing ability in the comfort and privacy of your own home!! Introducing the revolutionary new Complete Procrastination Flowchart System (patent pending), specially formulated for daily use! All you have to do is follow these quick, easy steps and in just 12 hours a day you too can be transformed into a procrastinator*.

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Procrastination, binge-working and guilt

|2 min

I am a procrastinator. Always have been. And not just with my thesis – with just about everything. I’ve been reading “The Procrastinators Guide to Getting Things Done”, which describes different kinds of procrastinators. It turns out I’m not a pleasure procrastinator or a disorganised procrastinator. I’m a self-doubt procrastinator and a binge worker.

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