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The Carrot and the Stick

|1 min

My car has been stuck in the OGGB carpark for over a month with a bust starter motor. I finally got it towed out last Monday and paid $666 to have it fixed. On tuesday night, I was out with my sister and as I left, she pointed out that during my car’s abandonment, the left headlight bulb died of neglect. It was on my todo list for this weekend, but I’d forgotten about it when I planned to go out to dinner tonight in New Lynn. With the streetlights as bright as they are around the city, I couldn’t even tell the difference.

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New Bathroom Floors

|2 min

One of the problems we noticed after we’d moved into this apartment, was that the tiles in the wet areas hadn’t been laid properly. Both bathrooms are completely tiled (floors and to 2 metres up the wall) and have two drains in them.

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