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What’s in a (scientific) theory?

|2 min

Steve dobbed me in to a friend of his the other night, telling him I was interested in things like evolution. Asked about whether he believed in creationism, the friend said, 'what people seem to forget is that evolution is just a theory'. I was largely saved from having to argue this by the phone ringing, but it echoes things I have heard christian creationists say on various websites and blogs.

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|5 min

I wrote in a previous post about how many creationists dismiss the theory of evolution because they don't understand what a scientific theory means. Many of the other creationist criticisms that I have seen or heard seem to be based on a misunderstanding of the theory. (It's easier to knock down a straw man). Just because I felt like it, here is my explanation of the current theory of evolution in a nutshell.

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More Evolution

|1 min

Actually, rather than write more about evolution, I thought I'd just take a cop out path instead.

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Jared Diamond Continental differences in history

|4 min

The uni held its annual Sir Douglas Robb lecture series this week, with a series of lectures by Jared Diamond.

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