Likes and dislikes

 | 1 min

Designing a home for yourself is quite a revealing process. The decisions you make about what to include, how much space to devote to different functions and how you lay it out are rooted in very fundamental aspects of our personality. While some of the design aspects might require some careful thinking and planning and calculating, others require us to really know ourselves and understand our gut reactions to certain things.

As soon as I started scouring google for pictures of tiny houses, some things immediately appealed to me, and others had the opposite effect. There are many very personal choices to be made, for which there is no "best" way. It is just a matter of every person knowing themselves and how they live, knowing what they like and dislike and what makes them comfortable.

Below are some of the things I knew about my house very early on. I'll elaborate more on each one in future posts. My house will have:

  1. A sleeping loft.
  2. Safe stairs.
  3. No glass walls or picture windows.
  4. Lots of windows with small panes.
  5. No skylight.
  6. A white interior.
  7. No clutter.
  8. High quality finish.
  9. Full bathroom and kitchen.
  10. No porch.