Top 40 worst ever number 1 songs

 | 1 min

The other night while watching one of my TV programs, I flicked channels and heard some good old school 80s music on C4. It proved to be the top 40 _worst _ever number 1 songs. I was intrigued so I kept flicking back to see what they were while I watched the other channel.

A large number of them seemed to be from the 80s, and a lot of them one hit wonders, like Mel & Kim's Respectable, and Pseudo Echo's Funky Town, and Falco's Rock Me Amadeus. I know I'm biased on this, but I don't think many of the songs deserved to be on the list. Their only fault is they don't match current pop tastes, many of them are musically and lyrically much better than today's music.

Towards the top of the list there were more recent songs. Something by Christina Aquilera and Ricky Martin, a few hip hop & rap, some recently manufactured stuff.

Number two was the Crazy Frog song, which I wholehearted agree should be there, but only because the original was much better.

Number one was "They can't take that away", by the first NZ Idol, Ben Lummis. I think that's a pretty well deserved win.