Does this count as Bling?

 | 1 min

I had a birthday recently. Nope, I'm not telling how old, but I'm going to show off my pressies.

Stephen got me some lovely flowers for my birthday. The flowers are now two weeks old, and I'm surprised how good they still look. There are a couple that have wilted badly and that I've thrown out, but the bunch is still looking great, even the orchids.


The flower company also included a cute little ladybird on one of the orchids, which gives me a chance to take a photo in close-up mode with my new camera.

Ladybird on orchids

I got myself a lovely little Nikon Coolpix L4, my birthday present to myself.

Nikon Coolpix camera

And finally, my family got me a new MP3 player. Well, actually I chose it and ordered it online, but they paid for it :)

Creative Muvo TX FM MP3 playe

My family is good like that.