Car trouble

 | 1 min

My car broke down about a month ago. I had trouble starting it at home one afternoon and eventually got it to work, but that night, in the OGGB carpark, it refused to start. I delayed doing anything about it for a while, since I didn’t really have either the time or the money to deal with it, so my car has been abandoned on level 3 of OGGB ever since. It’s not just a battery issue since the lights and electrics all work perfectly fine. Given that the car has been getting harder to start, and now won’t turn over at all (I just get a click) my conclusion is the fault lies with the starter motor.

Last week, I got the AA in to have a look at it. The poor guy was lying down on the filthy OGGB floor getting covered in grease under my car for half an hour before he finally gave up and concluded that the starter motor is buggered. This morning, more AA guys came in and towed the car to a mechanic to get it fixed. I’m still waiting to hear how much that’s going to cost.

But in a nice touch, when my car was towed out this morning, the carpark attendant called me to make sure that I knew about it. That was a nice touch, but I do wonder what his alternative scenario might have been – that the AA, with their very distinctively branded cars, have started a second line of business stealing old junkers from carparks?