Not running so hot today

 | 2 min

Spent about 6 hours today idly 1-tabling 5c/10c limit at William Hill. Lost a bit over $3 during the course of the day. The cards didn’t seem to be running my way. I got aces once and everyone folded, and the best hands I got were queens about 4 times and each time they were beaten by either aces or kings. The last two times I laid them down on the turn rather than put more money in the pot as I’d done the first two times.

I realised that I was just paying attention to my own hand and what it might be, and was hardly ever thinking about what my opponent might have. For instance, I ended up with a full house with A9 and a board of 98882. All I was thinking was that I had a full house and there was no way he could beat that so I was getting as much money into the pot as I could. Of course, he had pocket kings for a better full house and took more than a dollar off me. I don’t think I could have figured it out preflop. He raised but didn’t reraise, although he also raised with stuff like Ax and Kxs so I wasn’t too worried. In hindsight, he showed himself willing to bet, raise, reraise and cap on every street, and that should have tipped me off that he had something big. But I was too busy feeling pleased with my awesome hand to notice. Oh well, live and learn.

Also, in hindsight, it’s probably not a great idea to play when sick. I think I’ve got the flu and I’m pretty exhausted, so I’m sure that didn’t help.

At this point, I’ve only played about 800 hands. According to learned people on discussion forums, this is far too few to tell if I’m any good or not. They say I need at least 10k hands before I can even start to evaluate my stats. I’m aiming to hit that by the end of the year, so that’s going to keep me very busy.