Making money on the election results

 | 1 min

Well, the outcome of the election obviously wasn't what I was hoping for, but at least I made some money from it.

On, I made money from the following positions:

  • Short sold the Maori party vote (at 4%)
  • Short sold National gaining an outright majority
  • Short sold Winston Peters returning to parliament
  • Bought National Prime Minister I still have a few dollars on National and the Maori party having no formal agreement but that remains to be seen.

Putting this together with the money I made backing Obama and the 1% fall in the OCR last month, this means that currently I have about $160 in my iPredict account, up from the $100 I started with.

I've also now taken a (very small) position on Goff being Labour leader and Cunliffe being deputy, although I admit that in this case it's based more on what I'd like to see than what I think is going to happen (I don't really know).