Don’t click it!

 | 1 min

Can you imagine a web based user interface that you use without clicking? How long do you last without clicking? I managed to navigate the entire site without clicking, but it was a struggle. The site definitely highlights how completely pervasive the idea of clicking things has become. There are probably a lot of places where interfaces could be designed to recognise mouse gestures and not need clicks.

However, we don't want to go too far the other way. There are some examples on this site of alternatives to clicking a button: swiping across a button, circling over a button, or hovering over a button for a predetermined length of time. All of these seem inferior to a simple quick click.

I don't expect to see clicking disappear any time soon, but there is definitely scope for more richness in the interaction. I already know people who are lost browsing the web without Firefox's mouse gestures, and I look forward to seeing gesture based interaction appear in more interfaces.