Favourite US Trip Photos

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This page lists and links to my favourite photos from my US trip. These don't necessarily correspond to the places I enjoyed the most.

In rough chronological order, here they are:

Kemah Boardwalk at night

Kemah Boardwalk at night. This boardwalk area on Galveston Bay had rides and attractions and beautiful themed shops, as well as many lovely restaurants. This is a photo of Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant across the water.

San Jacinto Monument

San Jacinto monument. This monument to Texas independence is the tallest monument tower in the world, larger than the Washington monument. There is a museum inside the base, and you can take an elevator to a viewing deck at the top of the tower.

San Jacinto Monument

San Jacinto monument (other side). This angle shows more detail of the monument, including the 220 ton lone star on top. It marks the site of Sam Houston's successful battle against Mexico that resulted in Texas independence.

USS Texas

Battleship USS Texas. The worlds oldest remaining dreadnought, Texas was commissioned in 1914 and served in World War II (earning five battle stars) before being decommissioned in 1948. It is actually in the water (of course), but from this angle throught the trees, it looks like it's in the middle of dry land.

Riverwalk by day

San Antonio Riverwalk by day. The San Antonio river winds through the centre of the city one level below ground, and the Riverwalk (Paseo del Rio) is a network of walkways and bridges that follows the river through the centre loop. The riverwalk links all the major tourist destinations in the centre of San Antonio, as well as being a destination in its own right.

Riverwalk at night

San Antonio Riverwalk by night. At christmas time, the trees above the riverwalk are strung with hundreds of thousands of coloured lights. This is from almost the same angle as the daytime shot above. You can see a boat under the trees. This is either a tour boat, which does a half hour guided tour of the whole riverwalk, or a water taxi which you can take directly from one point on the Riverwalk to another.

Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose. This is one of the line of five missions stretching south of San Antonio (of which the Alamo is the northern-most). Being south of the city itself, Mission San Jose still has the entire mission compound intact. This photo is taken throught the window of what probably would have been servant's quarters, looking across the grape arbor and up at the church itself.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon. No photo can capture the true immense scale of the grand canyon, but this one with one of the lookout points in the foreground does give some sense of perspective.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon. This shot shows the rocks of Red Rock Canyon in the background, with a Joshua tree and high desert landscape in the foreground.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon. Another shot of the red rocks from higher up inside the canyon, with Steve displaying his tendency to stand directly in front of me when I'm taking photos. This was taken later in the day with the last rays of sunlight lighting up the red rocks.

San Diego Sunset

Sunset at San Diego. The first sunset I've seen over the Pacific ocean. We were driving through Coronado and quickly detoured to the beach to watch this beautiful sunset.

Santa Monica Sunset

Sunset at Santa Monica. We sat on the end of the Santa Monica pier and watched the sun go down. It was a beautiful clear cold day and produced a specacular fiery sunset.