America’s patience is not unlimited?!?

 | 1 min

"We are pressing Iraq's leaders to take bold measures to save their country. We're making it clear that America's patience is not unlimited," Mr Bush said (in the Herald today).

America's patience is not unlimited?!? George Bush, the guy who led America to _invade _Iraq, is warning the _Iraqis _to hurry up and fix the mess that his invasion created? Is this some lame attempt to shift the blame for the Iraq mess onto the Iraqi people in the vain hope that the Republican voters won't realise who is really to blame for the fuck-up?

Iraq's leaders don't have any bold measure they can take to "save their country" because their all their infrastructure was bombed to smithereens and their country is now being occupied by the US military. It was the US that came in and fucked the country over, so it is the US's responsibility to fix it, no matter how long it takes. It is the Iraqis who have every right to be losing patience.