Ascent rocks!

 | 2 min

I hit the shops on Sunday, and amidst $600 worth of booty I had a stack of blank DVDs. I sat down to do a bit of burning, only to realize/remember that I only had a DVD reader, not a writer. Doh!

So off I trotted to Ascent to remedy the situation. Virtually, of course, Wellington's a bit far to go for that. I got greasy fingermarks all over an ASUS DVD burner and a Secure Digital card, and marched up to the counter to hand over my credit card. Unfortunately, their site had a bit of an issue:

Ascent website error

I wasn't sure whether the transaction had gone through. I'd put in my CC number, but I hadn't seen a confirmation page yet. If I refreshed, I might duplicate the transaction.

I waited a few minutes, checked to see if there was a confirmation email (there wasn't), and checked my orders list to see if my new order appeared (it didn't). I refreshed the page and got the same error message again.

I waited another hour and tried to checkout again, but still got the same message, so I gave up for the day. So far, Ascent doesn't seem to rock very much.

At 11:20 that night, I received three separate order confirmation emails. My transaction had gone through three times. I replied to Ascent explaining what had happened, and saying I only meant to order once.

Within two minutes (at 11:25pm), I got this reply:

Hi Sarah, We're very sorry about this. We did have an issue with our website this afternoon which has now been fixed. We have deleted the duplicate orders.

The memory arrived the following afternoon, about 14 hours after the order went through. The DVD burner arrived the morning after that, about 32 hours after the order went through.

And shipping was free!