Sleuth DOS game from 1983

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One of my favourite games of all time is a very DOS game written in 1983. It is essentially a murder mystery. Similar to Cluedo, you have to figure out which of the 7 guests did the deed, which room was the scene of the murder, and what implement was used in the crime.

The game is played in one of two mansion settings, and randomly generates a cast of characters, including the murder victim. What makes it really interesting though, is the ability to personalise it so that you and your friends or family become the starring characters.

You are a detective, wandering around the house examining objects and questioning suspects trying to piece together the clues. Your aim is to pick up the murder weapon, gather all the houseguests at the scene of the crime and then accuse the guilty party. If you aren't fast enough, the murderer starts to grow suspicious of your investigation, and if you really muck around, they will start stalking you and will permanently eliminate you at the earliest opportunity.

Sleuth, 1983 DOS game

I just never get tired of stuff like this with the names of people I know:

Brendon turns away from you and murmurs, "Aneeta and I spent the entire evening alone together in the guest bedroom".

Now, uh . . . I'm not one to  gossip, but I don't think you could go wrong by looking into Amal's story.  There's one person who won't lose any sleep over Sian's death."